Flue Liner Installation and Height Extension

Flue Liner Installation and Height Extension

crownservicesadmin | 11 2014

Christie Hospital in Manchester is a prestigious inner-city hospital with a 32mtr high circular brick chimney, presenting the problem of insufficient dimensions to accommodate the ever increasing demands of the hospital.

Due to the vast expansion of the hospital, the heating demands accelerated to a critical stage prompting a completely new strategy that would have to be acceptable to the local enforcement authority. Our proposals were submitted, and complete acceptance was granted; to install four individual internal 39mtrs high mild steel flue liners, terminated with a 7mtr high steel extension which was fibre-glass coated to match the original brickwork.

To accommodate the specific design criteria, dump stacks were installed and utilised. The top 6mtrs of brickwork had to be removed for the introduction of an inter-connecting mild steel collar, and then the brickwork was rebuilt to compact the collar for the introduction of the 7mtr high extension. An independent internal strengthening system was also installed, bridging over the circular and octagonal transition point.

New flue entry apertures were drilled into the brickwork and, with the aid of a 140 tonne crane, the 4NO individual 39mtr high flue liners were installed, the 7mtr high extension and the closure plate were fitted, all within a 48hour period. This was executed in a safe and controlled procedure without interference to hospital staff and to the complete satisfaction to all concerned.