DOFF Cleaning

The benefit of using Crown Services to DOFF clean your building is that it doesn’t matter the height of the building. The machine’s design alongside our specialist access skills allows it to be used whilst utilising rope access techniques (as long as site has access to water, its good to go).

We utilise DOFF to clean all types of buildings as its powerful enough to remove the toughest of dirt, yet gentle enough to not cause any damage to the property itself, which is why it’s a favorite with historical or listed buildings.

“Whilst using high temperature, the pressure on the surface that is being cleaned is very gentle and the volume of water is low“

The high temperature water vapour will remove all manner of biological materials – moss, fungi, algae etc and is also strong enough to remove paint and any other unwanted material from your building. All this is done without the use of strong harmful chemicals.

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