Cradle Installations

We supply and install suspended cradles, which is another form of temporary safe working platform to a building façade. Cradles can allow works to progress quicker and more efficiently with multiple operatives abel to work from the cradles at any one time.

At Crown Services, we not only install the cradles, but we carry out all works once they are in-situ. Sealing windows, concrete repairs, painting. Whatever is required. We can provide harnesses for clients and take them up in the cradle to assess the works at any time during a project, allowing the client to see our workmanship and sign projects off.

Summary specification

  • Cradles can be installed in a range of sizes, tailored to the specific access requirements of the building.
  • No ties to building required, so can be used on Grade Listed buildings
  • No obstructions at ground level to ensure minimal impact to residents or customers
  • Can be used for a wide variety of projects such as sealing windows, concrete repairs, painting, masonry works, cleaning and surveying.

No obstruction at ground level while in use

Anyone can be taken up in the cradle safely to inspect on going works

Ideal for occupied buildings due to little noise or vibration emitted from cradle

Can be used for multiple projects such as, sealing windows, concrete repairs, painting, cleaning and inspection of both internal and external structures

Corner or double platforms

No building ties

Any desired height and high load capacity

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