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As steeplejacks for over 30 years we can safely say this is a very specialised industry, often perfected and carried down over generations. We can erect steeplejack ladders to fit the needs of each individual structure, ensuring that those with complex access requirements can be catered to and work can be carried out in areas that are unreachable to others.

We pride ourselves on our innovative techniques, harnessing over 3 decades of experience with modern foresight and technology. Our unique skillset is transferable to many building projects and will enable you to achieve efficient solutions to all your high-level requirements.

See our Industrial Chimney Inspections and Specialist Steeplejack Rigging for more information

Working on a large Grade Listed Building project can be challenging;

but Crown’s professionalism, knowledge and experience has proved invaluable when working with Conservation and the Council as Principal Contractor.”

James Moult

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