Fan Deck Scaffold

| 04 2016

Fan Deck Scaffolding Services Saving You Money

The extremely technical suspended fan deck scaffold that we install here at Crown Services is unique and often results in passers-by, including scaffolding companies, stopping to take photos and ask questions such as “How did you get that up there?”.

That’s the trick and why we are so unique. We utilise rope access techniques to drop down from the roof, then tether all equipment when dropping down. Aluminium tubes and fittings are hoisted up then specialist frames and beams are punched up into the building and safely pull tested to the supplier’s recommendations, say 7kN. From there the full structure can be set up and boarded on any building, anywhere! Magic!!

Before use our operatives visually and physically check all ladders, ropes and associated fixings ensuring that there are no defects showing with the equipment.

Fan deck scaffolds are structures attached to the perimeter of a building or scaffolding to prevent objects that may accidentally fall from the structure causing damage or injury to the property or pedestrians below. The fan consists of a structure jutting out from the scaffolding, which is fitted with decking boards to catch falling debris. They are inclined towards the scaffolding and can be utilised on projects in towns and cities where the scaffolding is situated directly above the busy public pavement or road.

In practice, types of fan deck scaffolds commonly used by industry appear to be used for protection against any possible falling debris that may arise from work being carried out on the scaffolding, its construction and repair work. This may range from paint splashes to masonry and scaffolding components. There is also generally only one fan per scaffolding, situated low down on the structure. A typical example of one our fan deck scaffolding projects is depicted below, please click to enlarge pictures.

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