Netting to Building

Netting Installation

Shanna McCormick | 05 2019


Crown Services were contacted to provide a solution for an issue with defective cladding. This had become apparent as various sections of metal sheet material had become loose and subsequently appear to be at risk of falling from the building to ground level. Access was achieved by employing a variety of abseil techniques as well as a powered scissor lift where practical.

Gabion Basket Ground Anchor System:

Stone filled stainless steel Gabion Basket was used to the elevations where a fixing into the fabric of the building is not suitable. The baskets were placed at 3-meter center intervals and mechanically fixed to the netting system.

Installation of Protective Netting:

To all 8 elevations with cladding facing, a 50mm by 50mm fire retardant (to comply with BS 5876 part II) were erected acting as a physical barrier to the cladding. The netting will be secured to roofing handrails and mechanically fixed to the concrete at the roof line. The lower sections were secured to the gabion baskets and on the other elevations were secured to the steelwork. To avoid perforation of the cladding, Crown Services devised a solution which negated the requirement for drilling or fixing through it, using self-adhesive clipping system. These were affixed to the cladding at intervals to assist in ensuring the wind isn’t able to lift the netting away from the building and reduce any noise created by it slapping against the cladding in wind.

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