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NHS Bury – Netting Installation

Shanna McCormick | 03 2019

NHS: Ribchester Centre, Greater Manchester – Netting Project

The Ribchester Centre in Bury. It is a grade II listed building constructed in 1856, built in traditional methods in a mixture of brick and a decorative stone facade to the front elevation. The building is now used by our client NHS, as offices and surgeries. The decorative corbel detail has become decayed and over recent years and probably due to freeze thaw action/spalling, several sections of loose masonry have fallen to the ground below.

A structural report identified that the corbel stones, in all likelihood would have to be replaced entirely. This project would require listed building consent and would have an adverse impact on our clients short term budget. Crown Services were asked to propose a temporary solution which would be cost effective, aesthetically non-intrusive and most importantly would mitigate the risk to the public and users of the building. Our competitors had recommended a scaffold deck (a temporary scaffold was erected above the main entrance until Crown Services were called in to install the mesh), above pavement level which although preventing loose stone falling to the pavement, was expensive could be interfered with and hindered the security of the building (by giving access to non-desirables) and did not meet the clients criteria of ‘no weekly hire costs’.

Crown Services proposed our bespoke stainless-steel mesh netting; this is flame retardant, usually meets listed building consent as a medium-long term temporary measure and it exceeds all structural testing. This project was completed through the night with absolutely no disruption to the buildings occupants or patients. As you can see from the pictures, the small aperture of this kind of netting prevents even the smallest sections of masonry from falling and can be easily removed with minimal damage once Crown Services return to complete the masonry repairs. This kind of netting has been installed by Crown Services on all parts of buildings all over the country, to part or whole elevations. Many satisfied clients have reported that it can barely be seen from the ground below.

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